About Us

Who Are We?

Coming from a family working in the olive sector in the region of Ouazzane in Morocco, two cousins, Karim and Mohamed LAGHRARI, decided at the end of their university studies at HEC, to commercialize their brand of olive oil Family EL Ouazzania in North America and particularly in the province of Quebec. In this perspective, Alimentarus Import Export Inc.. began in April 2004 and remains a leader in the field of importation and distribution of ethnic food products in Quebec. The market knowledge has enabled them to detect, especially in Quebec, a strong demand of ethnic products.

To respond adequately to this request, owners, Karim and Mohammed, have decided to expand the diversity of their products 'ethnic' and offering a wide range of food, cooking and cosmetics such as Argan oil, Couscous, Harissa, and etc..., while maintaining their primary objective that is promoting olive oil "El Ouazzania".

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to meet the needs of our customers by offering premium products. Customer satisfaction is an integral part of our corporate culture and we provide them with nostalgic products of high quality, subject to regular checks by Canadian authorities. Through our products, you will be delighted by our North African products and you will discover the pleasures of the palate and the North African cuisine.